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05:17 15 Jul
Check out this cute guy. He reminds me of one of my students. It would be unprofessional to get romantically involved with my students, but there is nothing wrong with thinking about them while I jerk off! This video is going to help me out quite a bit.

Jerking his Brittish joystick

05:17 15 Jul
I needed money quick. Someone told me they pay gay male actors more money than straight ones, so I figured--why not? I mean, I like pussy, do not get me wrong. But if I have suck dick and fuck a dude to pay the rent, then so be it. I am not happy about it, but it is quick cash. Do not judge me!

Straight dude does gay porn for cash

02:59 15 Jul
I am cute, skinny and white, and my dick is like really big. You know what I like to do with it? I like to rub it, and jerk it, and slap it till I cum all over myself.

Tyler jerking his monster cock for you

02:35 15 Jul
I told my friend I like to jack off a lot. He asked me, Have you ever had someone jack you off until you came? I was like, no, and he said, Oh my god you have to try it! He volunteered to do it for me, so I did not hesitate. I laid back and let him go at my cock. He jerked me off like a professional. He was so good I came really quick, all over his hands. I do not know how I will ever be satisfied masturbating alone again.

Jerking off = fun, being jerked off = better

05:01 15 Jul
Three cute white guys, sharing a bed together. One of them is straight. And broke. Its always fun to find a straight guy who is willing to do just about anything for some gas money. It looks like this guy enjoyed himself quite a bit. I wonder if he will consider being bi from now on.

Broke straight guy gets paid for gay activity

05:17 15 Jul
This takes me back! I used to have threesomes on my sofa bed all the time in college. In facts, my friends looked just like these guys. I wonder if this is one of the movies we filmed ourselves? Could be! I was usually the one sucking dick on the bottom like the guy in this video ha. Sucking dick is just as fun as getting your dick sucked IMO.

Cute European threesome on a sofa bed

05:17 15 Jul
Tommy is one hot guy, with some nice tight abs. If my abs looked like that, I would bend over and shoot cum all over my stomach, too. Tommy makes it look easy, but I am sure it is not. Can you do this? Prove it!

Tommy jerks and cums all over his tight abs

02:02 15 Jul
Well it feels quite good! Keep shoving it in and out. I love it. Flip me over and take me from behind, too. Oh yes, and moan loud, too. Kiss me! Yes. Get on top, take me while I jack off. Pump it! Put your back into it!

How does it feel, my big cock in your ass???

04:17 15 Jul
What can we learn from this video? Eastern Europeans are cute, skinny, they like to moan, and they like to fuck in threesomes! They are just like us! The guys in this video are very busy, sucking cock, jerking off, cumming all over the place. What I would not give to be in that bed with them!!

Horny Eastern European Threesome

05:43 15 Jul
I hired these two punks to paint my wall a funky shade of *bah humbug grey*. I stepped out for a couple of minutes and next thing I know, they are fooling around, making out and sucking each others cocks. What is up with people these days? No respect.

Stop sucking dick and get back to work!

04:17 15 Jul