My friend and I jerking each other off

its fun

Added: 11 Jan

Categories: Amateur, Gay, Handjobs, Jerking off, Straight guys

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13 Nov: hn90 wrote:
Who cares about hair if the video was cool..
17 Aug: old jerker wrote:
well i think its real nice he made his friend cum. Both had fun. who cares about the hair
9 Jul: DonkeyKong wrote:
the whole head side ways.. and the hair thing is a little creepy. make sure you keep visible eye contact to the audience and you can't have your hair in your eyes and face when you are both doing a duet. other than that good jobs for Amateur --DK
23 Feb: Hair wrote:
OMG.. I really see that the right boy, even once the hair combs?!? Fuc**ing freakz
27 Jan: nunu wrote:
22 Jan: nodonjuan wrote:
Hey Nick, your a dick. STFU.
12 Jan: nick26 wrote:
the thing with their hair is very...anoying! these guys are freaks, more important then masturbating was the way that their hair looks! get a life guys, grow op for crying out loud!
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